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Beach Holiday

The most popular form of recreation in Augustów in summer is resting on the water, swimming and sunbathing.

Public Beach and Radio Three Pier

It is located on Necko Lake with the second longest pier in Poland and a good infrastructure. The pier stretches along the shore of the lake for 147 meters. Each of its platforms is six meters wide. There are four designated swimming areas (from 50 to 25 meters each), all of them are lit and guarded. On the pier there are also viewing areas, a snack-bar and a garden café. The pier is connected with the walking/bike paths next to the water. Just next to the pier you will find water equipment rentals.

Postiw Beach with Water Ski Cable

It is a sandy beach with a wooden pier, and beach volleyball courts, as well as water sports equipment rental and a snack bar.

Bielnik Beach on Necko Lake near the Marina Borki resort

There is a volleyball court for beach volleyball, playground and outdoor fitness equipment. At the resort, there is a marina with piers and a swimming area.

Augustów Sanatorium Beach

The beach is located on Necko Lake with a beach volleyball court, badminton court and a snack bar. At the end of the beach you will find an area of entertainment for the little ones with a large water slide (a fee is charged) and water equipment rental.

'Goła Zośka' (Naked Sophia) Resort

The legendary beach located 2 km from the centre of the town, where you can rent a cottage on the shore of Rospuda Lake or set up a tent and enjoy the sun away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Fireplace and picnic shelter are available as well.

Skowronek Holiday Resort

Resort is located 5 km from the centre of Augustów, just behind the Bystry Canal, in the Augustów Forest on Sajno Lake. It offers access to the clean lake, surrounded by woods and creating a peaceful zone on a beautiful beach, with a pier and sports equipment, i.e. playing fields for ball games, and swings.

'Królowa Woda' Holiday Resort

Two sandy beaches on Sajno Lake, located 4 km from the centre of Augustów: one with a pier and the other 'wild', in the forest.

'Patelnia' (Frying Pan) Holiday Resort

One of the most famous beaches on Białe Lake located 9 km from the centre of  Augustów. It is a sandy beach on the slope and a perfect place to relax. The name 'Frying Pan' comes from the fact that you can 'fry' yourself here, just like in a frying pan. Several areas have been prepared for a bonfire or a barbecue, with tables and benches. 


Plaża miejska nad Jeziorem Necko, fot. J. Koniecko
Plaża miejska nad Jeziorem Necko, fot. J. Koniecko
Plaża "Patelnia" nad Jeziorem Białym, fot. J. Koniecko