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Winter swimming

You do not need to prepare in advance to try winter swimming; all that is required is good health (it is not recommended for people with heart problems). Swimming in water with a temperature of 0°C requires a short warm-up then only takes a few minutes. Being in cold water can be compared to a short, but very intense race. This unusual way of relaxing toughens the body, builds up your immunity against typical winter diseases, and improves the efficiency of the cardiovascular system as well as your blood circulation.

In Augustów, there are many places for winter swimming prepared by the Augustów Winter Swimmers Club. Practically every Sunday in winter, swimmers gather on the Netta River walking/bike trail at the Interschool Centre of Sport (Międzyszkolny Ośrodek Sportowy) and near the 'Karmel' lodging facility. That is where the Augustów Winter Swimmers Club has its headquarters.

Brave tourists who want to become winter swimmers are welcome every Sunday in January and February over the Netta river at the "Karmel" hostel at 13.00.

The 8th Augustów Winter Swimmers Rally will be held on 6-7 February 2016.


Morsy, fot. J. Koniecko
Mors, fot. J. Koniecko