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Where do we treat?

Sanatorium "Augustów" is located on Necko Lake, about 3 km from the town centre. The building has an interesting history - it was built in 1973 as a centre for the Construction Workers' Unions. First medical camps were organized here in 1976. Today, the building is renovated and fully adapted to the needs of people with disabilities. Guests are offered 71 rooms - standard or de luxe, offering a total of 180 beds. The advantages of all rooms are balconies with a beautiful view of the lake or the spa park. Learn more on their website.


Sanatorium Augustów "Palace on the Water" Falkowski is located on the banks of the Netta River, near the town centre. The building was opened in December 2011. The resort was built on the model of the Łazienki (Baths) Palace on the Water in Warsaw. Guests can take advantage of 25 high standard rooms (50 beds) and modern medical facilities and wellness rooms. Learn more on their website.

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